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Kids Comedy Zone

leon the jokester

Comedy Classes

Learn the fundamentals to creating jokes from scratch and putting a routine together for a stage performance. Whether you’re new to comedy or an experience comic, sign up today to learn how to be funny on stage and get paid while doing it. These classes are for all ages and are taught all year round via Zoom or Facetime. (Side Note: All classes are taught with “clean” jokes and material)

Beginner’s Stand-up Comedy 101

Comedian Leon the Jokester will teach you the basics to how to write jokes from scratch, build an intro, build a 5-minute set to perform on stage, and a few more secrets that will help you succeed as a “clean” Comedian.

Price: $20hr Stand-up Comedy
Length: 60 minutes per class (3 classes total)

Intermediate Stand-up Comedy 102

In this session Comedian Leon the Jokester will explain how to make your routine go from 5 minutes to 20min sets for stage performances and how to improve on stage Act-Outs.

Price: $20hr
Length of class: 60 minutes per class (2 classes total)

Advanced Stand-up Comedy 103

At this level Comedian Leon the Jokester will demonstrate how to stretch your routine from 30min to 60min for a better stage performance. You will also learn how to improve your online marketing and branding for more exposure. Once you reach this level in comedy the corporate world will be knocking on your door more than you can imagine. Ready to make comedy a full-time career sign up for my classes today and let’s get funny.

Price: $20hr
Length of class: 60 Minutes per class (2 classes total)


Summer Camp

There are over 12,000 camps in the United States. Our goal is to come to as many as possible bringing comedy and a super fun time with us. Comedian Leon the Jokester enjoys bringing his summer camp kid-friendly “Comedy Workshop” to as many camps annually. When you book Comedian Leon the Jokester this is what he will be teaching your little campers:


  • How to write a clean joke from scratch.

  • How to work as a team in a group setting like in school.

  • Boost self-esteem and stage presence.

  • Learn the basics of comedy and how to apply it to their everyday life.

  • Understand the importance of listening to their parents and teachers.

  • Build confidence through brainstorming.

  • Perform their very own comedy show at the end of the camp workshop.

“Comedian Leon the Jokester was definitely a hit with our kids! They have not stopped talking about him!!! We can't wait to have him back next summer.”

- Jennifer Jefferson Owner/Director/Eight Acres Camp/Bixby, Oklahoma


Saint Francis Hospital-Tulsa

Comedian Leon the Jokester had the opportunity to teach his “Kid’s Comedy Workshop” curriculum at one of Oklahoma’s biggest hospitals. His program motivated and inspired kids between elementary to middle school level for a fun day of comedy. Let’s go see what they learned in the Comedy Zone.

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leon 4.png

Eight Acres Summer Camp-Bixby

Comedian Leon the Jokester brought the funny to hundreds of kids at the “Eight Acres” summer camp in Bixby, Oklahoma. Tons of kids learned how to write super clean jokes, use critical thinking to piece jokes together. Boost self esteem Performing improv and “act-outs” on stage. Comedian Leon the Jokester’s main goal is to help kids excel at camp and in school by teaching life skills by using comedy to problem solve and have loads of fun in the process. Welcome to the Comedy Zone.

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