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Comedy x Education x Purpose

Our Mission is to bring Comedy, Education, and Purpose to as many Middle Schools, High Schools, and Colleges each school year. We understand how important education is in America and how much students love to have fun while learning. This compelled Comedian Leon The Jokester to begin a curriculum that allows him to come into schools to perform for various events and assemblies. Principals and Teachers get the opportunity to enjoy a “Super-Hilarious” comedy show that relates to the students and the entire faculty. Sometimes we all need to be reminded that education is fun, funny, and good for the mind. Comedian Leon The Jokester uses his gift of “humor” and background of education as a professional stand-up comedian and Motivational Speaker exclusively for the public school system. Our Mission is to reach this young generation and young adults with the tools that will help them achieve their goals educationally and culturally.

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