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Middle Schools


Comedian Leon The Jokester is all set and ready to bring the funny to your next school event. We believe students in Middle School are fun, hilarious, and full of energy. I’m challenging every Principal to jump on board with us and let us educate the youth of this generation through the tunnel of laughter and life lessons. When you book us your students receive:


Comedy Show

Middle School in itself is an all day comedy show. Students are learning, laughing, and living their best life. So, when Comedian Leon The Jokester comes to your school get ready for non-stop laughter and a fun show full of energy too.

Interactive Performance

Comedian Leon The Jokester does more than just hold a mic on stage. He loves to interact with the Teachers and Students with a few interactive segments during the show getting others involved.

 Motivational Speech

We believe every student is faced with various challenges and need to be reassured that there is hope at the end of each semester. Comedian Leon The Jokester brings a powerful message at the end of his performance that reminds every student that they have purpose and a bright future ahead of them.

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