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Jay Phillips



Meet Jay Phillips, the CEO of “Oklahoma’s Comedy Zone,LLC. Jay has over 20 years of experience running a entertainment booking agency. He holds a Master degree in Communications from Oklahoma University. He earned his Bachelor degree in Management from Purdue University. Jay signed Comedian Leon the Jokester to the booking agency earlier this year as the agencies first “Clean Comedian” to join the roster. Jay recognized Leon’s potential from his social media and knew he was a good fit for representation. Jay is originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado but now resides in Tulsa, OKlahoma with his wife Megan and 3 kids.

Sarah Maxwell


Booking Agent

Sarah is the booking agent for Comedian Leon the Jokester. She started off as an intern and enjoyed networking with nonprofits for events so much Jay Phillips added her to the team. She is a native of Saint Louis, Missouri and has two degrees in Communications both from Missouri University. In her free time she enjoys hiking, bike riding, and coffee at Starbucks.


Vice President of Communications and Marketing

Sarah has been with C.E.P(Comedy x Education x Purpose) for 6 years and she enjoys her job assisting Comedian Leon The Jokester with communicating the company’s mission and vision to as many middle schools, high schools, and colleges in the U.S. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and years of experience as a school teacher. Her expertise with C.E.P helps expand our brand in helping students succeed in life one step at a time.



Tour Manager/C.E.P Mentor

Kevin has been with C.E.P for 12 years as a business mentor and tour manager. Kevin works hard making sure Comedian Leon The Jokester has everything he needs for every school event. Kevin has a heart for helping young people and his strategy is to see them succeed by all means. He loves his job and he loves serving the school system educationally and effectively.

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